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CH-60 Hydraulic Knockout Punch 3/8"-3/4" Hole Puncher 31 Ton Max 10mm Thickness

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There is a superior CH-60 hydraulic hole puncher. It is a split hole puncher. It is durable and solid with high hardness and strength. 【EXCELLENT PUNCHING & CH-60】 - Punching force: 31T/310KN; Depth of throat: 3.74"/95 mm; Puncher Aperture(4 pairs): 3/8"(ф10.5 mm), 1/2"(ф13.8 mm), 5/8"(ф17.5 mm), 3/4"(ф20.5 mm).

Additional Information
Aperture(4 pairs) 3/8",1/2",5/8",3/4"
Depth of throat 3.74" / 95mm
MPN LXCXX00201590485848
Max. Thickness of aluminum 2/5"(10mm)
Max. Thickness of copper bar 2/5"(10mm)
Max. Thickness of iron plate 3/10"(8mm)
Max. Thickness of stainless steel 1/5"(6mm)
Model CH-60
Punching force 310KN(31T)
UPC 928879807509